A tale of three reactions 

Some are offended however now not concerning the scary act however concerning the few condemnations that had been voiced

Cause caution: Sexual assualt. Reader discretion instructed

Response 1

Malala stated one thing which all over else on the earth could be regarded as trivial, however that is Pakistan and Pakistanis had been livid. In some way the younger lady, with a face that bears a scary reminder of the ordeal she went thru nearly a decade in the past, set social media ablaze and hatred poured in from all instructions.


“I will be able to’t consider how those so-called Muslims are ruining our Islamic tradition by means of doing those movements like #HaniaAamir & by means of giving a remark like #MalalaOnMarriage finished actually very middle wrenching to peer that no person can prevent them. This liberalism is destroying us “


The reality is that our religion is in risk on account of this lady. She didn’t discuss for the rights of #Palestinian girls. She is solely dressed in a cloak of #Islam. Disgrace on her.”


Whether or not you name me judgmental or one thing, however that is humorous & true on the identical time @Malala , western puppet, seeking to advertise are living in dating in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.”


Such a lot in order that the topic used to be given sufficient significance to be put at the schedule within the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa meeting


Response 2


A harrowing video circulated on social media that confirmed a cleric molesting a tender guy, who later in the similar video is talking in utmost desperation.

“They’re threatening to kill me. No one is paying attention to me and because of this I’ve determined to devote suicide. That is my ultimate determination”, the younger guy stated in a voice that used to be breaking and anxiousness as undeniable as day on his face.


The evidence used to be obtrusive and too actual to disclaim. And sure, after all there used to be a response; it’s close to unimaginable to fully forget about one thing as damning because the video. On the other hand, the response used to be muted and by means of no stretch of creativeness even a fragment of what we witnessed in keeping with the younger lady’s remark about marriage and partnership. Even if there used to be condemnation, it used to be both politically motivated (because the perpetrator belonged to Jamiat Ulemae Islam (JUI)) or form of apologetic at easiest.

Some are offended however now not concerning the scary act however concerning the few condemnations that had been voiced, equating it to the grievance of Islam. Some are growing equivalence between an act of rape and Malala’s remark and claiming that each are ‘similarly dangerous’. A well-known anchor, whilst “condemning” the act surprisingly raised the opportunity of “consent” between the coed and the clergy, thus indulging in twisted sufferer blaming.


Maulana Tariq Jameel, the favorite non secular student of Pakistan’s city center elegance, who a couple of months in the past had blamed vulgarity and dancing girls for Covid 19, is eerily quiet. It sort of feels that during his view whilst dancing girls are liable for pandemics and subsequently must be condemned whilst being teary eyed on are living tv, sexual molestation of a child by means of a cleric, does now not benefit even a passing point out.


One of the crucial clergy who had been at the leading edge of attacking Aurat March and blaming it for “insulting” Islam are actually at the leading edge of shamelessly protecting Mufti Aziz ur Rehman, going to the level of saying that such practices had been additionally commonplace in early days of Islam and likewise suggesting that the mufti may just in truth be drugged



Response 3:


The good Khan doubled down on his previous remark that vulgarity reasons sexual misconduct, best this time he determined to be extra “direct” by means of blaming girls and their clothes for it. Irony is this time he used to be in truth requested to explain and shield his unique remark, the place many concept he used to be blaming the sufferers.

Whilst his earlier feedback had been made in Urdu and right through an cope with to the country, this time he used to be chatting with a world tv channel and speaking in English, making sure that his remark attracted global consideration.


Some in Pakistan had been livid and condemned the top minister however their voices had been dwarfed by means of those that had been offended on the backlash to the remark. Some had been extra passive in seeking to explain his remark, pronouncing he used to be being misconstrued, others had been extra vocal in his defence including that it used to be now not a crime to invite girls to decorate modestly.


Many ladies protested, declaring that the sufferers of rape in Pakistan weren’t limited to girls on my own, since kids or even males are raped. Many additionally made the purpose that girls in Pakistan most commonly get dressed modestly whilst others shared their very own scary stories of being molested as children or when dressed in headscarves and different bureaucracy of modest clothes. On the other hand, this doesn’t trouble the Khan supporters who’re bent on protecting him ferociously.


Some from the clergy, who didn’t utter a phrase at the Rehman factor, leapt to beef up the top minister and stated that girls “tempt” males and invite them against sin. They additional had the audacity to squarely blame girls for his or her sexual crimes.


All 3 of the incidents discussed above took place inside 30 days of one another and the reactions to them paint a scary image of our society’s collective frame of mind.


We had been outraged on a innocuous remark by means of a tender lady and regarded as it in opposition to Islam however selected to stay silent when a supposedly non secular particular person misused his authority and indulged in an act which immediately is going in opposition to Islam. The problem must have led us to vociferously requesting the perpetrator to be punished, in addition to for vast ranging madrassa reforms.


The younger guy who used to be molested used to be an grownup and had the company to boost his voice, although it used to be when he used to be on the finish of his tether. Numerous kids could also be getting molested in silence, some too younger to even perceive what is going on to them. They want our lend a hand and but we don’t display even an iota of the outrage that we confirmed when Malala made an summary remark concerning the efficacy of marriage. And we’re protecting our top minister whilst he’s appearing as a rape apologist. Unfortunately this procedure is emboldening rapists whilst discouraging survivors.


What’s unsuitable with us? Why are we so twisted with regards to normative judgements? I believe we be afflicted by a odd mixture of misogyny, schizophrenic nationalism and out of place allergy about non secular problems and this fatal mixture is impulsively taking us down.

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