The dirge Muneebur Rahman wrote after Gandhi’s assassination

These days marks the Global Day of Nonviolence, noticed every year in honour of Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. These days additionally marks the fateful day when two years in the past Saudi dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi walked into the Saudi embassy in Istanbul to his completely undeserved dying. To mark this instance, as neatly to mark the top of the 150th start anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, I’ve selected to translate a protracted poem through Muneebur Rahman (b. 1924), who’s certainly one of Urdu’s largest dwelling, even though in large part unnoticed, poets.

The poem is just titled Mahatma Gandhi Ki Maut Par (At the Dying of Mahatma Gandhi) and is an instance of a poem upon which the imprint of Rahman’s innovative standpoint could be very transparent. It’s typically thought to be certainly one of Rahman’s easiest and maximum consultant poems. Because the reader may even observe, the poem can transfer someone without reference to one’s political or ideological affiliations; it additionally forces us to unravel to mention no to violence in all its bureaucracy.


‘Is the lifetime of Guy mere breathing

Is he imprisoned within the chains of a period

Is he imprisoned through the darkish position of future

And is his entity

Like a straw which flows on

Lashing its head within the enraged storms

Whose helplessness is unrelated to the excitement of the vacation spot

I, on the time of first light

Put this query to the sinking stars and moon

And so they remained silent as though they have no idea

Existence is an glaring truth

Which will also be made up our minds through us in all probability

We will be able to assessment at the stone of emotion the lifestyles’s price

But if it’s curtained through dying

So our senses

Bow their heads with humility

Guy-made values at the moment start to snap

What are we able to say to it, that is deception of sight

It’s mere fancy, the extinction of truth

However nonetheless we scream with ache

Once we do see

The scattered warp and woof of the useless frame

Dying offers us permission for mourning

And we’re pondering

Why the youngsters of life, is that this the spectacle’s novelty

When the deep clouds of sorrow and grief even lately

Over one’s decayed properties have come tilting

Existence dwelling in mud is wandering

The traditional ruins of the ancestors are vulnerable in opposition to mourning

And in each and every individual’s chest an pleasure is resounding

As though a wind rustles within the deserts

An concept comes within the hearts

Can dying take away Guy’s entity

Smoke rises when a flame is put out verily

Which flame used to be it which saved illuminated the palace of the earth

With consistent anguish like a fire

And which extinguished like a surprising spark

Lord of the sector inform why are you silent

Mosques, for God’s sake, talk, be no longer reluctant

O church buildings until when will you glance on into the firmament

That decision of the gongs, simply inform me temples

Why had been they disadvantaged in their rattles

You’ll no longer talk up, effective through me

Inside this similar human trail possibly

The spark of affection veiled itself in black

O signal of the greatness of my ancestors, O my nation

He has departed lately, that ascetic having qualities of royalty

For you a message of lifestyles used to be his each and every phrase

Who touched on your soiree this type of musical chord

Heard through the entire land and it screamed aloud

That is the heart beat of the thrashing middle of Nature

Which a person born of clay has given a tongue of stature

At each and every second a message of affection his lips had been voicing

A love which used to be all-comprising

Which can’t be besieged inside limits of sect, faith and country

Which is provide within the parts’ gorgeous formation

Whose energy isn’t needy of a spear or sword

On each and every particle of mud flows his each and every phrase

I’ve observed crying faces, stuffed with grief

Listening to this excellent information brightens the battlefields

I’ve observed dragged humanity

At the echoing difficult roads of town

Of hope he’s used to giving them a call for participation

And silent might the ones hearts be lately beset with agitation

However the international along with his name is adorned

Pay attention, upon love the gadget of lifestyles is established

And the guts which has no love is love it had by no means existed.’

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