Reading Mohammad Khalid Akhtar’s futuristic satire on International Translation Day

Bees Sau Gyaara (2011) was once the primary ebook of famend writer Mohammad Khalid Akhtar, who’s celebrating his delivery centenary this 12 months. This novel was once first printed in 1950, 70 years in the past this month underneath the association of Maktaba-e-Jadeed in Lahore. The celebrated Urdu satirist Kanhaiya Lal Kapoor deemed it the primary social and political satire in Urdu and had expressed the need to be the radical’s creator.

The radical is devoted to Akhtar’s fellow-maverick Fahmida Riaz ‘as a result of aside from being a happy poetess and storyteller, she could also be a sympathetic pal and we’re each partners in combination. Additionally, in that fourteen or fifteen years after the newsletter of this ebook when she was once a young person lady, she amazed and happy the middle-aged creator of this ebook, his goals damaged through writing in her playful and witty letter that 2011 is her favorite ebook within the Urdu language and he or she has learn it repeatedly. And this at a time when everybody had forgotten my first ebook which I had written in my days of juvenile in a slender and darkish higher storey of Kharadar in Karachi with non-labour and straightforwardness (and I believe that during some way this had flown out of me.)

So I now give this ebook to my pal who appreciated it in that that is her ebook. By means of wonderful thing about accident I’m simply its copywriter, no more than that.’

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So on World Translation Day lately, what higher solution to have a good time the 70th newsletter anniversary of this landmark paintings in its writer’s delivery centenary 12 months than to translate Akhtar’s witty and glowing creation to its first version, stimulating a brand new, more youthful readership for it.


‘Pricey brother Rashid

That is my first ebook which is in fact being printed. This match (or coincidence) bears nice significance for me and I believe that it may well be referred to as rather blessed (despite the fact that our new technology perspectives the phrase ‘blessed’ with suspicion and to them it reeks of a form of hypocrisy and ridiculous intensity. I’m really not best dedicating this ebook to you as a result of you’re a just right pal and a just right (in each and every that means of the phrase) writer and are publishing my ebook, but additionally as a result of being an clever guy, you’ll remember that I’m really not simply tilting at windmills. Even then I can now not advise you to search for a large number of meanings between the strains. I’ve written it to take away the insufferable ache of a protracted length of compelled unemployment, and if you’ll be able to best get part the thrill from those pages which I’ve had in writing them, I can be each shocked and glad.

Each creator in reality each and every individual has his personal separate global. This ebook will allow you to in peeping into my global. You’re going to most likely in finding this global an extraordinary, absurd and with out head or tail, however in spite of those deficiencies (I am hoping) this global is heat and beating with love for humanity. It is a fable in regards to the long run. Mr Popo, who’s the president of the Republic of Yoknapatawha, within the blessed 12 months of 2011, on the invitation of the federal government of Maznine, is going to that nation and this ebook is in some way his document at the social, civilizational and financial prerequisites of Maznine. However this document could be very other from the overall professional studies as a result of Mr Popo himself is a person of the folk or a minimum of he claims to be such, and isn’t alienated from sharp remark coupled with a way of humour. I don’t need to see this ebook being studied as a political satire on fascist governments. That is simply (However I repeat once more) a diversionary fable which was once been written for the aim of a laugh or killing some unfastened time.

Certainly you your self had recommended me as soon as that I must now not submit anything else of mine with out correcting the mistakes of language. I be apologetic about that I’m really not appearing upon your worth-appreciating admonition as a result of a creator needs to stay simply himself. This ebook is certainly full of pitiful errors of language and studying this ebook it will likely be deadly for the ones folks inside of which a slight trade in idiom and the colloquial is a motive for palpitation of the center. This isn’t their factor.

If truth be told brother Rashid! This isn’t my obstinacy. In keeping with me, for a language to be sticky and useless is a better unforgiveable sin than for it to be inaccurate and astonishing. I’ve used this sort of language as a result of in keeping with me it’s this very language which will acquit a duty to the bizarre surroundings of my global.

Urdu has for too lengthy been handled as a natural virgin. To transport one phrase from throughout the colloquial or idiom is to convey on a calamity because it have been from right here to there and the top monks of language shake up at this blasphemy. I’ve completely no sympathy with this way, this swift sensitivity, as a result of I don’t regard Urdu as so delicate as to be not able to undergo a little bit of casualness and ill-manneredness.

Towards the entire just right counsels, I’ve fearlessly used English phrases and English meanings on this fable. For this, Ms Quratulain Hyder has already cleared the best way for long run writers and following her ‘Mere Bhi Sanam Khane’ no amateur must hesitate in the use of English phrases past or inside of limits. (I’ve counted 11 English phrases on a web page of ‘Mere Bhi Sanam Khane’) The primary pioneers of this custom have been Sir Syed and Shibli themselves.

I can’t consider the object that language can ever transform spoiled. William Faulkner and plenty of different American writers write terrible English which is filled with numerous mistakes with appreciate to grammar and which may also be mentioned to be eligible for hanging a significant blow to the hearts of many lexicographers of Oxford. Faulkner’s sentences are so tangled and complicated and ambiguous that at repeatedly it turns into a puzzle to search out the topic, verb and object inside of them. In spite of this, this tangled language has the best phase, an important phase in expressing his meanings and his bizarre mutilated global and in developing a distinct Faulkner surroundings. With out it, Faulkner can’t stay Faulkner. After changing into used to it, the similar language starts to have a distinct attractiveness and appeal inside of it.

The speculation of penning this fable first of all got here to me once I learn opinions of the recently-published novel ‘1984’ (the 12 months 1984) through famend English novelist the past due George Orwell in English literary weeklies. This novel too is a logical novel in regards to the long run. (I’ve now not learn it until now and neither have I observed it right here in any book shop.) Orwell’s novel is lifelike and has been described through critics as heart-rending and terrible in its have an effect on. My fable is a mild factor, a protracted snort through which the creator if now not at all times, is guffawing more often than not. I concern that my creativeness in regards to the long run isn’t logical.

A couple of months in the past, I had written a briefish satire which was once printed with the identify ‘Sitaron Se Aage Maznine Major’ in ‘Imroz’, Karachi. I believe it was once in point of fact appreciated. However I used to be now not happy, I nonetheless sought after to mention much more and was once burning to provide this theme on a much broader canvas.

My aim was once to put in writing in imitation of the fantasies of H.G. Wells however I used to be now not a hit in that. I concern that this fable of mine has been decreased to a farce – an uncouth and disorderly farce. I can request you that you just pass judgement on its literary standing upon the whetstone of a farce.

And now can I raise the curtain off this hide through ringing the bell?

With love and sincerity,

Your brother, M. Khalid.’

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