Down 110 lbs in 8.5 months with 10-15 to go! Pic included. : loseit

Hi there y’all,

On October 28, 2020 I weighed 287 lbs. Nowadays I weighed in at 177 lbs. Here is a growth image: (NSFW, shirtless)

I used to be athletic and in superb form all through my teenage and undergrad years. In my past due twenties despair (and overconsuming alcohol, after which the overconsuming of meals that accompanied that) led me to balloon up about 130 lbs extraordinarily impulsively, and I stayed round that weight till now. (I will be able to most effective wager at what I weighed ahead of I received the load since I by no means needed to take into consideration it ahead of and virtually by no means weighed myself. I feel I used to be about 150-160 lbs).

I made the verdict to get more healthy on October 28, 2020. Funnily sufficient the kick within the ass that were given me going was once {that a} romantic hobby rejected me, however that was once in reality extra of the straw that broke the camel’s again than the real supply of my determination, for the reason that I might been depressing and sought after to switch for a very long time prior.

I misplaced the primary 100 lbs in virtually precisely 6 months and I have been slowly shedding since then. I am much less desirous about keeping up a breakneck tempo now that I am on the subject of my targets. I did this essentially via biking–an absolute shitload, like 250-300 miles a week–lifting weights, and consuming a low carb prime protein nutrition, with numerous greens. Low carb works for me; it is helping me with urge for food, and I do not thoughts consuming the similar meals again and again when I’ve made the selection to take action. So numerous lean meats like rooster and turkey, and numerous salads, spinach, eggs, and so forth. Like I stated, remaining couple months I have been going sluggish, so I am off and on the nutrition incessantly. When I am with buddies I do not thoughts indulging or consuming no matter, but if I am by myself I am sticking to the nutrition. I do not intend to keep on with low carb perpetually, and the remaining two months have proven I will be able to in truth take care of my weight relatively simply after I return on carbs, however for shedding weight I to find low carb to be the very best. So I am looking to buckle down and achieve my very own objective of sub-10% frame fats ahead of I in reality settle into repairs (my most up-to-date DXA scan had me at 14.8% BF).

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